Plant Profile - Anise Hyssop


A Complex Herb

Oddly, anise hyssop is neither related to anise nor hyssop. It is a member of the mint family, and has a slight mint flavor and sweet anise aroma. When used fresh, it has a complex flavor profile with notes of lemon, pine, sage, and black pepper. Its natural sweetness allows it to be used without added sugar in dishes and teas. While it is often used to infuse marinades for hearty dishes, the herb really shines when used with desserts, fruit, and tea. 

Traditionally, teas and tinctures made from anise hyssop have been used as a digestive aid. The dried leaves of the plant have been burned as incense, producing an "uplifting" scent. The dried herb is also used in potpourri. The distinctive smell of anise hyssop will certainly fill your home when it is growing in your Nanofarm. 


  • Steep 2 tsp. of fresh anise hyssop into a mug of hot water for a sweet and slightly sedative and tranquilizing tea. The natural sweetness of the herb means you can skip the sugar.
  • Anise hyssop adds complexity to fruit dishes. Simply sprinkle some fresh leaves over a fruit salad, or mix with fruit and yogurt.
  • Infuse honey, olive oil, or whiskey for a subtle and complex flavor. 
  • Dry the leaves and stems to use as potpourri

Infusions to try