Growing food has never been this easy


Easy Cleanup

When you've harvested your produce, just toss the old plant pad and put the tray in the dishwasher. The tray and metal grate separate to make cleanup even easier. The nanofarm has no pumps or filters to clean and no light bulbs to change, so you won't have to worry about maintenance. 


Simple Controls

Set the dial to the number printed on the seed pad, press start, and wait for the harvest light to come on. Once the light comes on, you have about two weeks to pick your produce. We designed the nanofarm to be entirely hands-off. It grows produce for you in the background and only calls your attention when it's time to harvest. 


Light & Air

The nanofarm is equipped with daylight spectrum LEDs that provide as much light as a California summer day, yet consume less than a dollar of electricity per month. A whisper-quiet ventilation system provides your plants with the carbon dioxide they need and pushes oxygen-rich air into your living space. 


Smoked Glass Door

Plants love daylight all the time. People don't. That's why we've equipped the nanofarm with a smoked, tempered glass door to keep the light where it belongs - inside the nanofarm. 



The nanofarm was designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you want to grow a small amount of gourmet herbs or grow all of the produce you eat, nanofarming can work for you. Like an outdoor garden, the nanofarm is scalable. On average, four nanofarms (a full stack) will provide you with fresh produce week after week. 



No matter how tight your living space, you'll find room for nanofarming. The nanofarm can be placed anywhere in your home that stays between 60F and 85F. That includes your kitchen, living room, closets, and even some basements or garages. Up to 4 nanofarms can be stacked, saving room and allowing hundreds of configurations to suit your space. 


Built to last


The frame of the nanofarm is made from tough powder-coated steel and natural wood. The door hardware is made from highly corrosion-resistant marine-grade aluminum. The tray is made from tough food-grade plastic that can withstand the extreme heat and cleaning solvents in a typical dishwasher. All of these design decisions were made for one reason: to make sure your nanofarm is around for the long-haul.