New, biodegradable plant pads

(patent pending)

The images and information on this page not to be released until Wednesday, September 7 2016.


A soil replacement designed for urban agriculture

Plants can grow in anything that provides support, supplies nutrients, and retains water. In nature that be anything from soil or peat to sand or clay. The problem with using a traditional growing medium like soil for urban agriculture is that it is heavy and must be shipped into cities, often from across the country which makes it expensive and unsustainable. We've developed a paper-thin growing medium that, when used in our nanofarm, provides the necessary support, nutrients, and water to the seeds that are contained in the growing medium. It is much less resource-intensive than harvesting soil from fertile areas and transporting it into cities. 


Ships in an envelope

Taking advantage of the world's vast and efficient letter-delivery infrastructure, plant pads can be shipped quickly and on-demand with a minuscule carbon footprint. Gardening supplies such as seeds, soil, and fertilizer are bulky and can go bad if not used quickly. Since the plant pad contains everything that's needed to grow a crop of food, customers don't need any gardening supplies or tools. 


Biodegradable and Compostable


Made with layers of paper, raw minerals, and wax, plant pads are fully biodegradable and compostable. They won't degrade in a couple months (after all, you want it to stay together while it's in the nanofarm), but will fully degrade in a year in a healthy compost pile. By returning used plant pads to nature, we make sure that we can continue to make new plant pads in the future. 


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