Upgrade: Stainless Steel Tray

We are happy to announce that we'll be switching from the plastic tray that was shown in the Kickstarter campaign to a stainless steel tray. You may recognize the stainless steel tray as a piece of foodservice equipment. These durable trays have been proven to withstand thousands of wash cycles in harsh commercial dishwashers, so we're confident that these stainless trays will be a much more durable and long-lasting solution than the plastic trays. Here are the reasons for the switch:

  • Increased temperature resistance - guaranteed not to warp in even the hottest dishwasher. You can also now use the "steam sanitize" cycle and "heated dry" if your dishwasher supports it.
  • Stronger - nearly impossible to break, and it's stiffness makes it easier to carry when full of water
  • Longer-lasting - stainless cleans up beautifully for many years, while plastic discolors and stains over time.

Stainless steel has been used for years in appliances and cookware for its beauty and longevity. We're glad to be bringing those qualities to one of the nanofarm's most important components.