Nanofarms being used in Georgia Public Schools

Two schools in the Atlanta public school system, Maynard H. Jackson High School and Benjamin Elijah Mays High School, as well as Ridgeland High School in the Walker County school district have begun to use nanofarms as an educational tool. Replantable supplied a high-school level curriculum of experiments that illustrate concepts spanning biology, chemistry, and physics. 

"The benefit of using the nanofarm in the classroom over traditional soil gardening is that the nanofarm gives you complete control over the important variables that affect plant growth. For example, students can give one set of experimental plants an increased level of potassium and see how that changes the growth of the plant. That type of control is hard to get with traditional gardening methods." - Ruwan Subasinghe (founder, replantable)

In addition to the set of experiments that can be performed with the nanofarm, students get to see for themselves how the food they eat is grown. The modular nature of the nanofarm also allows many different experiments to be run in a small amount of space.