Beta nanofarm goes into low-volume production

Today marks the first beta nanofarm model produced. The beta nanofarm is fully-functional and has all of the features anticipated to be in the production model. Powered from a standard wall outlet, the unit uses an array of high-efficiency daylight LEDs to provide ample light for growing. The unit features a double-walled aluminum construction with ruggedized plastic front and rear faces. Plants grow in a plastic tray which can be removed for cleaning. The beta unit features an outlet on the rear for connection of additional nanofarms. Up to 4 units can be stacked vertically, and for this purpose mating features are included on the top and bottom of the unit. 

45 nanofarms will be produced in the upcoming month. The production will take place in-house in Atlanta, GA. 30 of the nanofarms will be sold to customers as a beta test.