Replantable at Georgia Tech Earth Day 2016

Replantable has a booth at Georgia Tech's earth day today. Earth day takes place all over the center of Georgia Tech's Atlanta campus, but replantable is with other urban agriculture related groups under the Skiles building. This is the first Georgia Tech earth day to feature urban agriculture groups separately, but it is a trend that is likely to continue. 

Earth day is a chance to showcase the less publicized side of replantable: its environmental mission. While growing produce at home certainly means fresher and tastier food, it also completely eliminates food miles. No food miles means less waste and no carbon emissions from transportation. 

When compared side by side, the energy it takes to grow one head of lettuce in the nanofarm is less than the energy it takes to grow, harvest, refrigerate, and transport one head of lettuce. Since LEDs only become more and more efficient, that energy gap will continue to increase.

We are proud to join other game-changing and sustainability-focused groups at Georgia Tech's Earth Day 2016.