End of nanofarm beta test

Today marks the end of the nanofarm beta test. Beta testers have grown anywhere from 2-4 crops of food in their nanofarms and have been enjoying their home-grown produce. We are now confident that the nanofarm can reliably grow produce with no user effort. 

Although the nanofarm was successful in growing produce, the beta testers had plenty of constructive criticism to offer:

  • The light is way too bright at night. It lights up the entire apartment (some beta testers even resorted to draping a dishcloth over the front of the unit)
  • When do I harvest? No way to know
  • Not enough time to harvest - water runs out soon after plants reach maturity
  • Plant Pad is hard to remove from tray after each grow cycle
  • When full of water, the tray is difficult to carry to the nanofarm without spilling

These design issues will certainly be addressed in the production version of the nanofarm.