Plant Pads

What are plant pads?


Plant pads are a replantable invention. They consist of multiple layers of paper and fabric and they contain seeds and customized nutrients for each type of plant. Much like soil, they rely on capillary action to wick water from the tray. Unlike soil, plant pads don't harbor insect eggs or pathogens such as E. coli. 

Also, plant pads are patent pending.


Produce without borders


Instead of buying produce that's been shipped thousands of miles, grow produce from around the world right in your home. The variety of produce that can be grown in plant pads is staggering. Any leafy green, herb, microgreen, or bulb plant (like radish or beet) will grow in the nanofarm. Replantable offers not only staples such as lettuce and basil, but an ever-expanding variety of exotic veggies like shiso and fenugreek.


Organic Seeds

Replantable uses only organic, non-GMO seeds in its plant pads. In fact, many of the varieties we source are heirloom. Mass-produced veggies have been bred or engineered over the years to ship well, have long shelf lives, resist drought and temperature extremes, and be resistant to pests and pesticides. At replantable, we're going back to a time when only one thing mattered: taste. 


Get veggies in the mail


Or rather, soon-to-be veggies in the mail. Order the produce you'd like to grow from our website and we'll ship you a Plant Pad in a standard envelope. Quick and efficient. You can order on-demand or subscribe to one of our plans so your nanofarm will always be stocked with fresh produce. 


How many plants on a pad?


Depends on the plant. We put the optimal number of plants to get the highest yield out of each pad. A very large plant like romaine lettuce might have 4 plants per pad, a small plant like arugula might have 25 plants per pad and a microgreen pad could have over 100 seeds. Also, one pad can have multiple different kinds of plant. We offer many salad and herb mixes to choose from. 


What can I grow?

Below is the expected selection of plant pads for the nanofarm launch. New varieties will be added frequently.

$5 - $8 per pad

price depends on variety and number of seeds on a pad

What would you like to grow?

We rely on customer suggestions to select what varieties of plant pads we offer. Please let us know what you'd like to see offered.