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The Future Of Fresh Food Has Arrived: Kitchen Farms
Weiss shows pictures of the produce he and Subasinghe have grown, indoors, out of the sunlight. Vivid greens and reds leap out of his smartphone, making the viewer hungry.


Replantable was founded by Alex Weiss and Ruwan Subasinghe in 2015. The two founders were frustrated by a global distribution system for fruits and vegetables that seemed broken. Fresh produce often travels thousands of miles, causing excess carbon emissions, generating tremendous food waste, and resulting in produce that’s not fresh for the consumer. Using prize money from Georgia Tech’s sustainability-focused Ideas to Serve competition, the two founders started an urban agriculture company to reinvent the produce supply chain. The Nanofarm and Plant Pads were conceived as a way for people to grow their own food at home with no effort. 



Alex Weiss heads R&D at replantable. Previously, he performed clinical research for Clean Hands Safe Hands, a startup that monitors hygiene in hospitals. While studying Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech, he researched hematology and remote diagnostics, which led to his involvement with Sanguina, a startup that makes a point-of-care rapid hemoglobin test.


Ruwan Subasinghe leads product design at replantable. While earning his Mechanical Engineering degree at Georgia Tech, he machined microfluidic devices and instructed students in the campus machine shop. He has brought a hands-on design approach to startups like Intuitive Pickups as well as larger companies like Verizon Telematics.



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